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Excellent Results

I am able to provide this service thanks to years of gathering specialized experience. With a talent for conceptualizing and executing highly creative ideas, this service allows me to ensure no two projects are the same. Get in touch with me today to learn how this service can make a difference in your upcoming project.

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Real Estate Project

I have worked on Kogarah Grand project as a graphic design contractor from 2020. It required name card, poster, EDM, interior wall design, banner, billboard, x stand, floor plan, salebook and brochure. I also help them shoot environment, apartment photo and video.  

Web design

Sexism and Gender Discrimination, we have done a group project cooperated with Journalist in 2016.


Phone web design

Created a website in phone version for the protection of penguin.

Information design

Obesity is a leading preventable cause of death worldwide. I tried to make the information more visible to show the calorie of different food, and how many hours people need to do sports to burn the calorie from the food.

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